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Team Arthur

Kicking Ass Since 600 B.C.

Team Arthur - Part of Merlin_Land
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team arthur

Welcome to teamarthur, the home of all Arthurians within the merlin_land challenge community. If you'd love to join in with the knights' training, attempting to please Uther and picking on Merlin [just because we can], then hit the "Apply for a Team" link. Still don't believe that we're the Once and Future King for a reason? Check this Out! Once you've been accepted, join us, leave an intro comment and watch us become one of the great Knights of our Roundish Table.
Head Knights? That'd be batgurl88 , redjumper, sheswatching & growling. If you have any questions, just ask them. They're fantastic. They're like Leon and he's amazing.
SO JOIN US! You know you want to.

credit merwan

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